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Inner struggle
I will take what you hold dear and I will crush it.
           I will take your dreamlike state of mind and break it.
    I will force you out of your shell.
                               I will condemn you for your sins.
                    I will take your world and set it ablaze.
I am your conscience and its about damn time you started listening to me.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 0
A portal love story
Oh how I long for you,
your sarcastic tone fills me with joy.
Your harsh words cut me like knife
going into the beautiful cake you promised me.
When I see you watching I shiver with excitement,
wondering how many turrets are in the next chamber.
I love your attempts to sway me with that metal block,
but your cold steel is the only thing I want as a companion.
The fire did startle me, I was sure you were bluffing,
we'd spend the afternoon together eating cake and laughing at all the others,
attempting to get to you.
I was wrong,
You never loved me.
You wanted to "test" me,
a test of love, is what I thought.
But I was just a mere guinea pig to you.
How I wish things could have been different.
But now as I lay here in the flaming pit,
I can only think that one day we'll be together,
and I'd be still alive, with you.
GlaDOS , my love.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 1 3
Mature content
Driving on Christmas :icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 0
Mature content
The Rapture PART 1 :icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 0
It's Over
That moment when the world is turned upside down
The moment when you realize they don't love you anymore
The moment when your relationship meets its demise
How did it come to this?
You were so happy together
You said forever now it's never
Cliche? Irony?
You cry over this as they tell you it's over
You were just a shiny new toy at first
but now you've lost your luster
Like a teddy bear who's become ragged
Or a toy car that's lost its wheels
You've become a Hand-me-down
And they don't want you anymore
They want to try someone new.
They tell you that's it's not you it's them
They lie to your face with a smile
You cherished them now you feel alone
The darkness in your heart grows
You feel enveloped by sadness
You give in to grief
You cry
It's been a month since then
You've finally healed your wounds
You go out to try again
And hope that this time,
it's not a limited time offer.
You find someone new
Someone who understands you
You get to know them
You date them
You fall in love all over ag
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 2
Mature content
Do I Dare? :icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 5
Why should I care?
Does it matter what I say?
Probably not.
Not like it ever mattered to you.
You who betrayed me.
You who broke me.
You who took my friendship and rubbed it in the dirt.
I guess that's who you are.
Was I ever really your friend?
Looking back it's hard to remember a good memory.
Not like it ever mattered right?
After all you never gave a shit did you?
You kept me around for only god knows why.
What I don't understand is how you could lie to me with a straight face.
Then again, it probably wasn't that hard for you.
You'd done it to others.
Why did I think I was special?
I guess I thought I was different from them.
Looks like I was wrong.
Then again, when am I not wrong?
You always said I was stupid.
I guess you were right.
It's not like I had a reason to be your friend.
To want to be friends with you.
To want to share my experiences with you.
In the end it was all worthless.
I wonder what you're doing right now?
Probably laughing about how I actually believed yo
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 0
The Blank Piece of Paper
It stare's me down.
As if it was taunting me.
I cannot write.
I broke my hand.
I have to wait.
For my wound to heal.
The scars on my hand
that those words left.
"Your such a loser"
Is what they say when i write.
How can they be so cruel?
It's the only thing i know anymore.
My writing is what keeps me going.
My poetry is what gives me life.
So why must i be forsaken for it?
Do they hate it?
Do they despise me?
Why do they care?
All of these thoughts scar my hand.
It feels as though I never want to write again.
But i won't let them win.
I will write.
I will take this blank paper
and make it into something beautiful
Poetry is all that i have to give this world.
I will not forsake it.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 1 13
The World Needs Music
People walk down the street
Blank expressions on their faces
void of emotion.
They do not laugh.
They do not cry.
They do not yell.
The don't ask why.
This is a world without it.
A world devoid of life.
Without it no one is truly alive.
People take it for granted.
In all its different forms.
But if they lost it
They would lose everything.
Without music the world is empty.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 1 6
My Voice
The sound you hear is quiet
It hides itself behind others
Away from all the other sounds
It wants to stand out
but can't.
It wants to pierce your ears
but can't.
It wants to grow.
It wants to shine.
It wants to be the sound people look for
The sound that makes a heart flutter.
And one day it will.
It will do all those things and more.
That is the goal it works towards.
It will be a beautiful voice.
My voice.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 1 8
The Stars and Our Hearts
They shine in the sky bright as can be.
Peoples dreams brought to life.
The very idea of obtaining one is merely a dream in itself.
They are untouchable.
But they are beautiful.
Shining as bright as the peoples love.
They shine through the darkness to guide us when we are lost.
Just as our hearts do the same when we are alone.
Our hearts shine through the darkest points in our lives.
They are the same as the stars in the sky.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 0
I wish you could have seen it
Today i wish you could have seen it.
The glimmer in her eyes.
The joy she experienced.
The thoughts that would make anyone smile.
You would have been proud.
Of her passion.
Of her love for life.
Of the all the things she's done.
I know it must be hard.
To not smile and put your hand on her head.
To not give her a hug and tell her your proud.
To not give her the things she deserves.
You gave everything you could.
You fought long and hard.
You tried to fight it, for her sake.
You wanted to be there at her graduation.
You wanted to see her smile.
You wanted to see the joy on her face.
But it was too hard.
She suffered watching you endure it.
She cried when you weren't looking.
She hid away her emotions all the way up till the end.
She smiled said "Daddy i love you".
But inside she was broken.
She didn't want to see you go.
But she didn't want you to suffer anymore.
You eventually gave in to the cancer.
You left us.
Now as i sit here writing this
I know your watching over her.
In ways we a
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 3 2
Just another day in July
Its that time of year again.
The time of year when you get mad.
The time of year when all you do is drink and yell.
The time of year where all i can do is hide away in my room.
This month is celebrated by most, but i fear it.
It's in this month that you get mad and throw things.
When you drink yourself to sleep.
When i open my eyes every morning in fear, not knowing if your gonna be there with a bottle in your hand.
Summer. My second least favorite season.
Second only to Winter, when the vodka comes out.
Sometimes i wonder if you'll go to jail for assaulting the carolers this year.
Then again, you burned down the Christmas tree, so i wouldn't be surprised.
Fall is my favorite time of year.
It's when your too lazy to get up and get another beer.
When the leaves change and color is brought into my life.
Hoping that maybe someday i'll have one.
Well its nearly midnight so i know you'll be coming.
You'll fall down the stairs a time or two just to yell at me.
But when your done you'll pass
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 4
To my best neverfriend
When i got that message i was shocked.
I'd known you for ten years.
We went to the same school.
We had the same friends.
Yet why did you say that?
I took you on trips.
I gave you gifts.
I gave you all of my time.
You were my best friend.
So why?
Why did you say you never wanted to see me again?
Why did you say all those hurtful things?
Was i nothing?
Did i never matter?
Was everything just...a lie?
You hurt me.
More than you could ever know.
I tried to message you.
To ask you why.
You had blocked me.
On Skype.
On Facebook.
On Yahoo.
On Myspace even.
It's funny, i should be angry.
But i'm not.
I'm disappointed.
In myself.
I thought i'd gotten to know you.
I guess i was wrong.
The you i knew wouldn't do this.
So i guess i never knew you at all my friend.
So i guess you could say you were my best neverfriend.
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 1 4
My 2 and half years of heavenly torture
Let me tell you a story about a boy who wanted to help someone.
This boy (myself) was a freshmen in high school when he met her.
He thought she was beautiful, smart, and very funny.
But there was a price to pay.
He loved her, more than he will admit to.
He cherished the time he spent with her and grew as a person because of it.
There's always a catch though.
She grew up in a bad family life.
Adopted by her grandmother, and rarely saw her parents.
He wanted to make her life better. He wanted to help.
He usually left school with a new bruise fromm her "love"
This "love" consisted of being kicked in the crotch, slapped, punched, kneed, and even bitten.
He put up with it for 2 and a half years. He continued to believe he could help her.
Just by being a pillar she could lean on when she needed to.
However, life doesn't work that way he discovered.
No matter what he did he could not make a difference.
He tried and tried but still nothing.
One day, his body collapsed from all the pain and he
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 4
The one word he never understood
One word he doesn't understand
"What is it?" He wonders as he walks down the halls of his high school.
He stands in front of his schools "christian club".
As he knocks on the door, a young girl his age see's him knocking.
She says "are you here to be saved?"
He says "I don't know, but i want to know."
She looks at him confused but opens the door and lets him in.
The room is white.
From the walls to the board on the wall to the desks.
She says "Have a seat the rest of the members will be here shortly"
Kids dressed up nice, some he even recognizes from his homeroom are there.
They notice him and make light conversation as the meeting starts.
As the meetings go on, he notices that most of the members just stare at the girl in front.
He has a problem doing that, because she turned on a blinding light and stood behind it.
All the while preaching the words of their god.
When the meeting was drawing to a close the lights got even brighter.
When she asks what's wrong, he says the lig
:icontheforgottenangel1:theforgottenangel1 0 0


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Well, hey there how's it going I guess? Yeah totally I forgot I had one of these...whoops. Oh well, doesn't really matter in the end right? So I may or may not end up updating this account with newer writings and/or poetry, but don't count on it for at least a month or so. Anyway for people who actually read these, it's good to be back.
Well, hey there how's it going I guess? Yeah totally I forgot I had one of these...whoops. Oh well, doesn't really matter in the end right? So I may or may not end up updating this account with newer writings and/or poetry, but don't count on it for at least a month or so. Anyway for people who actually read these, it's good to be back.


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Eh, not much to tell. I write stuff and sometimes make some poetry, not often but I do.




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